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When talent meets opportunity, every creator has a chance to rise to stardom. Experience the limitless possibilities of our virtual stage. With cutting-edge technology, transform your creativity into virality.

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Why wait for a golden buzzer when you can compete in the ultimate digital showdown? Our app puts the power in the hands of the people who matter most—your fans. Forget the judges; climb the leaderboard based on admiration from your audience.

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Think of it as virtual hat-passing, reimagined for the digital age. When your fans make it rain, we make sure you're under the downpour. No hidden fees, no middlemen, just straight-up, hard-earned appreciation sent straight to your account.

Share your story

Don't just perform; share your journey. It's not just about the art you create; it's about the artist you are. Get up close and personal with your fanbase like never before.

Curate your stage

Discover more of what moves you. Use fine-tune filters to curate a stage that's uniquely yours. Say goodbye to endless scrolling; your favourite performances are just a tap away.

Create in harmony

Step beyond the solo act. With our collaborations feature, you can merge your artistry with other creatives and amplify your artistic impact.

More features that don't upstage

Real-time Metrics

Stay ahead with live insights into your stage presence, making every performance count.

Contest Accolades

Win digital trophies that embellish your profile, giving you the bragging rights you deserve.

Direct Messaging

Build a devoted fan base by connecting with your audience on a personal level.

Personalized Playlists

Curate and share your favorite performances through customized playlists.

Ditch the backup plan.
This is your main gig.

Be the next big thing

Elevate Your Artistry

Discover the seamless blend of creativity and technology in our app's interface, where your artistic path unfolds through user-friendly features and intuitive tools that transform inspiration into reality.

Be the star, not the sideshow

No need to compete with memes, morning routines, or grandmas doing the floss. We're all about talent. The spotlight is where you belong, and it's where you'll stay.

Go from "unknown" to "unmissable"

More than just an app for views and likes, you'll get exposure that matters. Our career-boosting features set the stage for your rise from 'basement superstar' to 'main stage headliner.'

Earn before you're #trending

Why should you wait for a million followers to start earning from your talent? Virtual gifting, and other revenue streams mean you don't have to be a star to start earning like one.

Dreams Define Destiny.


Meet Catherine Aria, a shining example of how dreams turn into reality on the SHWDWN stage. With her captivating talent Catherine soared to the top in our latest showdown. Her journey is not just a tale of artistic triumph but a testament to the power of our platform in elevating creators to new heights. Dive into her inspiring story and witness the magic of determination and creativity combined.

I'm blown away by its capabilities.

It's going to be a game changer for me, allowing me to monetize my performances and expand my reach beyond what I thought was possible. I can't wait to see what the future holds for SHWDWN.

Malayka Ghanem

SHWDWN gets it right. The platforms features make it easy to upload and showcase my work, and the ability to compete and actually earn money will enable me to focus on my passion and sustain a career.

Sophie Lea

SHWDWN is a fantastic new way to build and connect with an audience.

Even in beta, the interface is incredibly intuitive and makes it very simple to create, upload, and monetize content. With all the tools that SHWDWN provides, the only thing artists need to worry about is creating new material.

Leonard Chan

Launch Your Legacy

Showcase your talent, engage with a vibrant community, and take your creative career to new heights. Join us, and transform your artistic potential into reality.

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Your journey to stardom starts now

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Your art.
Your stage.
One app.


Own the Digital Spotlight

Perform, connect, and excel in your artistry.



*with waitlist registration
Post full-length performances
Enter weekly talent contests
Drive earnings through fan support
Tell your story with a video bio
Collaborate with duets
Engage: like, comment, vote
Curate personal playlists


Tune into Talent

Discover and support rising stars.


Engage: like, comment, vote
Curate personal playlists
Fund your favourite performers
Post 20-second performances
Enter weekly talent contests
Drive earnings through fan support
Tell your story with a video bio
Collaborate with duets

For the artist who dares to dream bigger; experience a stage without limits.

Frequently asked questions

Is SHWDWN available for download on the App Store?

Currently, SHWDWN is in beta testing. We're working diligently to refine our platform and will be launching soon! If you want to be among the first performers on SHWDWN, please sign up for waitlist.

How is SHWDWN different from other platforms?

SHWDWN uniquely blends the excitement of talent shows with the contemporary relevance of social media. Our focus is solely on performing artists and their talent, ensuring they remain in the spotlight without competing with unrelated content.

What is the difference between the Standard and PRO versions?

The Standard version is primarily tailored for fans and audience members looking to engage, discover, and interact with performances on SHWDWN. While the PRO version is crafted specifically for performing artists. It unlocks a suite of advanced features that cater to their unique needs, including the ability to enter weekly talent contests and initiate crowdfunding campaigns to support their artistic endeavours. More details on the offerings of each tier can be found in our pricing section.

Can I post original music, cover songs, or perform to any track on SHWDWN?

You're free to showcase both your original compositions and covers on our platform. Thanks to strategic partnerships with global music leaders like Sony, Warner, and Universal, users can perform and cover a vast range of popular songs. This not only ensures a diverse selection of music but also guarantees tracks are used respectfully and in compliance with licensing norms, properly acknowledging both artists and original creators.

What kind of performances can I post on SHWDWN?

SHWDWN is a celebration of the performing arts, encompassing a wide range of talents. Our current categories include music, dance, comedy, and variety. This means if you're a singer, musician, dancer, comedian, or have a unique act, our platform is tailored for you. From solo performances to group acts, acoustic sets to full-on productions, intimate comedic sketches to larger-than-life variety acts - SHWDWN is designed to be the digital stage where talent takes the spotlight.

Can I monetize my performances on SHWDWN?

SHWDWN offers multiple ways for artists to generate income. Whether it's through contest winnings or virtual tipping from fans, we're committed to providing diverse avenues to reward your talent and creativity.

How do the weekly talent contests work?

Contests on SHWDWN are categorized based on the type of performance: music, dance, comedy, and variety. Each category holds its own contest on a weekly basis. Artists with the PRO subscription are eligible to enter. Within each category, there are 10 opportunities every week for artists to win cash prizes. Winners are determined based on fan admiration rather than a panel of judges, ensuring genuine, crowd-sourced acclaim.

What happens when I win a contest on SHWDWN?

Winning a contest on SHWDWN not only earns you accolades but also tangible rewards. Each victory comes with a cash prize, turning your artistic flair into financial gain.  As a SHWDWN champion, a trophy gets added to your profile, celebrating and commemorating your success on the platform. This trophy serves as a badge, highlighting your accomplishments to fans, other artists, and audiences on SHWDWN. Not only that, but your winning performance will also be prominently showcased on your profile. Additionally, being a contest winner often leads to increased visibility, more fan engagement, and a stronger presence within the SHWDWN community.

Can I collaborate with other artists on SHWDWN?

Absolutely! Collaboration is at the heart of SHWDWN's ethos. PRO users have exclusive access to the collaboration feature. Duets are presented in a split-screen format, showcasing artists side by side. When uploading a performance, artists can choose to enable the duet option, which can be as broad as allowing any user on the platform to collaborate or as specific as inviting just one user to duet. The resulting duet creates a new video featuring both collaborating artists. Should this collaborative performance win a contest, SHWDWN ensures the prize money is split between the two artists. This not only encourages co-creation but also ensures both artists are rewarded for their combined effort, enriching the community and creative experience on the platform.

How does SHWDWN's AI-powered recommendation work?

SHWDWN's AI recommendation is a system built on understanding individual preferences and ensuring artists connect with the right audience. When users join SHWDWN, they input their preferences for genres or specific categories of performances they're interested in. Our AI system then tailors the content accordingly, ensuring an artist specializing in jazz, for instance, reaches jazz enthusiasts. But our AI goes beyond initial preferences. It learns from users' engagement patterns — the videos they watch, the ones they linger on, and their search behaviors. Our advanced algorithms adapt and refine content delivery based on this ongoing engagement, ensuring a continually personalized experience. Through custom feed filters, users can further focus on specific content, honing in on what performances they want to see at any given time. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also empowers artists. It ensures they're not just reaching an audience, but the right audience, paving the way for genuine connections and future fans.

Does SHWDWN have community guidelines to ensure a respectful environment?

At SHWDWN, we prioritize creating a space that celebrates talent while ensuring a respectful, inclusive environment for everyone. All users are expected to uphold these values. Content that promotes violence, hate speech, or any form of discrimination is strictly prohibited. Additionally, anything that's not performance-based isn't suited for our platform. To empower our users with more control, we've added features allowing them to delete comments they find offensive or hurtful on their uploads. Users can also report inappropriate comments, videos and/or block others if needed.